Are LV MULTI POCHETTE ACCESSORIES handbags worth buying

MULTI POCHETTE ACCESSORIES handbags M44823 M44813 M44840 Multi Pochette Accessories handbags are constructed with a three-piece dynamic design in Monogram canvas, and are equipped with multiple pockets and compartments. The adjustable golden chain and Louis Vuitton inscription jacquard shoulder strap provide various carrying methods such as cross-body.

Dimensions: 24.0 x 16.0 x 6.0 cm

Many people don’t understand why the Multi Pochette Accessoires bag is called a "Mahjong bag". The general reason is that playing mahjong is a good way to adjust the taste of life. Because the size of m51980 is relatively small, it can be carried or cross-carried. Especially when playing mahjong, you can put it on the table directly. If you win the money, you can directly put it in, and if you lose, you can take it directly. It is super convenient, so this is the reason for its name!

Its advantages-cheap, good-looking, durable, small size, large capacity. It can also be put in other bags without taking up any space, and it doesn't take much effort to carry it alone.


One large and one small mahjong bag can still hold things, and there is no pressure on iphone, wallet, powder, and lipstick. Friendly reminder, this small round card holder does not hold the card, it is completely OK to install some change.

The shoulder straps are woven shoulder straps. The colors are only distinguished on the shoulder straps. There are four colors of black, pink, blue and green. The appearance of the bag is all classic elements.

This metallic chain, to a certain extent, compensates for the heaviness brought by the wide shoulder strap and adds a sense of fashion. The mahjong bag gives people a retro feel, and the colorful wide shoulder straps and chains add to the modern and mixed style of this bag. The metallic short chain also allows this bag to have more back methods.

At present, the official website is scheduled to take 6 months to arrive. In fact, LV is still quite a thief. Several old models are superimposed and sold at a good price of 1+1>2. Not to mention, it also pleases the younger generation of consumers. high! But I personally like this Mahjong bag a lot, haha, it's also a good back!

In short, the LV Mahjong bag is very cost-effective, and it is good-looking for daily casual collocation, but I personally think that it is not a serious bag. After all, the price is here, so don't ask for how good it is, just look good!