LV entry-level bag recommendation

Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris, France in 1854. From the royal family to top craft workshops, Louis Vuitton's classic designs conform to the important development of travel history. The big-name bags are classic and durable, and will double your temperament. LV has always been in a classic position among luxury bags.

How can you not buy such a worthy lv bag? So below I will introduce several LV bags that are more suitable for getting started!

1. Neonoe bucket bag

The popularity of the LV bucket bag is no less popular than the messenger bag. It is classic and versatile. You can't go wrong with your eyes closed. You will never regret it if you want to commute in all seasons.

M43569 LV NEONOE Presbyopia Handbag LV 2017 Spring Collection LV Women's Bag LV Bucket Bag Blue

2. Neverfull shopping bag

Louis Vuitton reinterprets the Neverfull classic handbag, exploring the delicate details inside the bag. The redesigned inner bag uses fresh fabric lining and vintage details inspired by the Louis Vuitton archives. The most commendable is the detachable zipper clutch, which can be used as a delicate clutch alone. Can also be used as an extra pocket. The bright lining tone adds more liveliness and vividness to the Monogram classic canvas.

The classic LV shopping bag, the bag capacity is very large, the one that can be "packed", is an entry-level classic.

M41177 LV NEVERFULL Small Handbag LV Female Bag LV Shopping Bag LV Mother Bag Small

3.Flore chain bag

This Flore chain bag is spliced ​​with Monogram canvas and calfskin with a feminine contour, and is inlaid with a Monogram floral-shaped buckle. There is plenty of internal space to accommodate mobile phones and other personal items, and can be used as a clutch, shoulder bag or messenger bag.

The classic old flowers are spliced ​​with other colors, the collision of classics and fashion, and the intervention of the metal chain makes the bag reveal a touch of playfulness, which is more suitable for young fashionable girls.

M67404 LV FLORE chain bag Monogram canvas with calfskin handbag LV chain bag rose red

4. Speedy pillow bag

The Speedy 25 handbag is a perfect urban handbag. The iconic shape and classic Monogram canvas, combined with a variety of carrying methods and luxurious natural cowhide trim add a fashionable and avant-garde feeling to the bag.

Pillow bag can be said to be a classic style that is all the rage, with a hint of extravagance in fashion, hand-carried and more casual, and it looks good with you.

M41113 LV SPEEDY 25 handbag (with shoulder strap) LV female bag LV pillow bag small exclusive top

5. Petite classic hard case

The Petite Malle Monogram handbag adopts the traditional fashion design of Louis Vuitton. This all-weather handbag is inspired by Louis Vuitton suitcases and combines Monogram canvas with classic hardware accessories.

The classic LV small box, elegant style, is super suitable for party use, and the retro shape makes people fall in love with it. Later, LV launched the same mobile phone case, which was loved by many stars.

M53253 LV PETITE MALLE handbag Monogram monochrome and double-sided canvas box LV box bag black

6. New Wave camera bag

Louis Vuitton uses quilted calfskin to create this versatile New Wave Multi-Pochette crossbody bag. The wide bag strap is embroidered with the English lettering of Louis Vuitton, and the matching gold chain strap allows the bag to be held or carried on the shoulder. The round coin purse can be clamped on the spring buckle of the strap. These accessories are all removable, making this fashion accessory a truly versatile piece.

The small and cute special-shaped bag, the Qixi festival limited edition, is full of street style. It has become the darling of the fashion industry when it is on the market. It is more suitable for light and thin summer wear.

M56461 LV New Wave Multi-Pochette Handbag LV Three-in-One Crossbody Bag Black

7, Vavin chain bag

The small Vavin handbag is elegant with Damier Ebene canvas and soft calfskin. The gold-plated locks echo the classic Louis Vuitton suitcase locks. The small Vavin handbag is lightweight, with a sliding chain and leather shoulder pads, and is comfortable to carry.

A must-have temperament bag for exquisite girls, simple and atmospheric, pure color with metal accessories and chains, full of high-level sense, no matter when you go out on the street or at a party, it will instantly enhance your temperament.

N40109 LV VAVIN Small Handbag Damier Ebene Coffee Grid Canvas Women's Bag LV Chain Bag Burgundy

8. Pochette messenger bag

The compact shape of the Métis handbag exudes elegance. Made of soft Monogram canvas material, small in size, with multiple practical pockets and compartments.

LV's messenger bag is a bag with both appearance and practicality. It has won the hearts of too many women since the interview, and it is also the king of appearances that many stars love to back!

M40780 LV POCHETTE METIS handbag LV messenger bag LV flight attendant bag Overseas original order quality

9. Alma shell bag

The Louis Vuitton Alma handbag, which originated in 1934, has gradually evolved from a square-angled travel bag to the shape of today's elegant female handbag representative. This mini handbag made of Monogram canvas can easily hold items such as keys, wallets, mobile phones and lipsticks. The Alma BB handbag is equipped with a strap that can adjust the bag to waist or hip height, which can be used for light cross-body use.

The shell bag is more formal, suitable for formal wear. I really like Bai Qige's shell bag color scheme. It's just too fairy. It's very suitable for young girls with fresh temperament.