Louis Vuitton classic bag 1854 five super popular handbags

Have you ever heard the saying "fashion trends are classic reincarnation after another"? The popular Monogram printing craze and retro style in recent years have just confirmed this sentence. Many people have taken out the popular trendy items from the wardrobes of their parents and grandparents, and they have evolved into the prevailing items, and the international luxury brand Louis Vuitton also Put a new look on the classic handbags and lead the trend again with the Since 1854 series!

sestablishment, the brand has been strictly adhering to the principles of creativity, style and top quality. The unique design allows the brand to maintain its international status. Nicolas Ghesquière, the art director of the Louis Vuitton women's collection, has recently designed the Since 1854 series, adding new elements to the highly recognizable Monogram design, which makes people's eyes shine!

The Monogram design of the brand is actually the work of the former son George Vuitton. He took inspiration from the Asnières mansion of the Louis Vuitton family in the suburbs of Paris and changed the new Gothic coat of arms. Hereby, he pays tribute to his father and brand founder Louis Vuitton. "1854" is the year when Louis Vuitton was founded. Nicolas Ghesquière added such an important date to the criss-cross Monogram pattern, which not only shows extraordinary craftsmanship, but is also a cultural symbol of the era. The Monogram jacquard fabric on the Since 1854 series handbags not only evokes the good memories of the past, but the brand deliberately changed the "8" into the shape of petals into the Monogram pattern, making the print more eye-catching and exquisite and becoming a new legend of the brand !

The printing design of Since 1854 series is mainly divided into two colors, black and red. The former feels simple and stylish and exudes a mature and steady temperament; the latter is full of sexy and confident femininity. Among the many designs of the brand, Dauphine chain strap handbags, Pochette Metis MM handbags, Petit Noé bucket bags, Chain Wallet chain wallets, OnTheGo handbags are all replaced with Since 1854 jacquard textile fabrics, reinterpreting the brand's classics.

Dauphine chain strap handbags, Pochette Metis MM handbags and Chain Wallet chain wallets also show versatility. The three handbags are not only equipped with detachable shoulder straps, but also equipped with multiple internal compartments. The elegant design is suitable for a variety of different Matching occasions.

The OnTheGo handbag is equipped with two sets of long and short handles and has a spacious interior. It is a versatile everyday bag and is definitely the best choice for fashionable people in the workplace! The bucket bag has always been an evergreen handbag style. The Petit Noé bucket bag looks small, but its capacity is beyond doubt. The Petit Noé bucket bag of the Since 1854 series is tied into a bow with a moderately thick belt on the front, adding a low-key and simple detail to the handbag. The charming charm of both inside and outside is irresistible!